Wantok Enterprises Ltd.

Telecommunications/Broadcast Consulting


P.O. Box 89 Grunthal, MB Canada R0A 0R0

Tel:  (204) 434-6423    Fax:  (204) 434-6442

Email:  wantok@mb.sympatico.ca







                                This type of transmitter forms part of the SBS-1 Suitcase Broadcast Station


                                AC Section

                                Power Supply                           240 Volts AC +/- 10%

                                Supply Current                         5 Amps nominal

                                Connection                               Standard European Grounded Plug


                                DC Section

                                Power Supply                           13.8 Volts Regulated (12V Nominal)

                                Supply Current                         4.5 Amps Continuous

                                Connection                               Power Connector Panel


                                RF Section

                                Power Output                           Zero to Thirty Watts Nominal into 50 Ohm Load

                                Frequency Range                      87.5 108 MHZ 100KHZ steps

                                Frequency Generation               Crystal reference Phase Locked Loop (PLL)

                                Frequency Stability                   +/- 1KHZ Maximum, typically +/- 500 Hz

                                PLL Lock Time                        3 Seconds

                                Spurious Emissions                   >-50 dB reference to carrier

                                Stability                                    Stable up to a 10:1 Mismatch

                                Connection                               SO239


                                AF Section

                                Audio Input Sensitivity             0dB 775mV rms adjustable

                                Signal/Noise (S/N) Ratio          >70 dB

                                Frequency Response                30 Hz to 15 KHZ +/- 0.5 dB

                                Audio Distortion                       >0.5% @ +/- 75 KHZ deviation

                                Stereo Crosstalk                       35 dB

                                Pre-emphasis                            50 uS or 75 uS Optional

                                Pilot Tone Frequency                19 KHZ

                                Pilot Tone Stability                    0.2Hz

                                Audio Connection                     RCA Phono Socket


All measurements taken at 13.8 Volts





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