Radio Relay System RRS-1
The Wantok Radio Relay System is a signal receiving device that uses the presence, or non presence , of a desired signal to turn on or off a second transmitter or other piece of electronic equipment.
The system is designed to turn on and off a remote transmitter that will extend existing coverage or will relay a signal around or over an obstructing piece of terrain. It consists of a good quality receiver connected to a directive receive antenna that is pointed toward the master station. When the receiver perceives a signal from the master station, it closes a relay which completes the positive voltage to a second transmitter operating on a different frequency. The second transmitter then radiates the received signal from the master station over or around obstructing terrain or simply extends the signal in the desired direction.
Through time delay circuits and signal recognition circuits we have taken into consideration the fading and interference potentials that may occur. Units are now operating in the field and are proving to be valuable and cost effective. These systems are most valuable where remote transmitters need to be shut down to allow recharge time for their solar battery supply. Each unit comes complete with relay system, antenna(s), antenna cable and required mounting bracket.

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